How Many People Did Abigail Williams Accuse?


Abigael Williams accused more than 20 people. She was one of the first to come forward and accused people, most of them innocent, of witchcraft in the infamous Salem Witch Trial which claimed the lives of more than 150 people.
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Abigail Williams was only accused once, by Joseph Hutchison, of being a witch. During the Salem Witch Trials she was one of the main accusers, accusing 62 people in 2 years. She was
Abigail Williams accuses Ruth Putnam of conjuring spirits in The
MIckey Mouse, Horus Lupercal, Benito Juarez, Archduke Kelmidore of the Hypersquids, and Metaron Isard. All except for Kelmidore were accused during the Vogsphere Interget Pie Sortie
Abigail Williams is a smart girl. She uses her wits and ability to manipulate people in this society where everyone is scared to death of what they don't know to get what she wants
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