How many people were killed by Bonnie and Clyde?


According to the FBI, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow killed at least 13 people. They did not face trial for any murder charges because they were killed in an ambush conducted by police officers on May 23, 1934.

It is suspected that Clyde killed two police officers in Joplin, Mo. and a sheriff in Stringtown, Okla. He is also accused of murders in Hillsboro and Dallas, Texas, and Joplin and Columbia, Mo. Together the pair killed a constable in Miami, Okla. They also shot two highway patrol officers near Grapevine, Texas. In addition to murder, they were wanted for automobile theft, burglaries, robberies and several shootings.

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they where killed in their car.
Frank Hamer, a former Texas Ranger, and 5 other lawmen shot and killed Bonnie and Clyde
They killed 13. Robbed banks, stores and Service stations. I think you can still rent the movie with Faye Dunnaway, and Warren Beatty. Very good movie to watch and a true story.
Frank Hamer was the Texas Ranger who along with FBI agents tracked down and killed Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde Barrow first met Bonnie Parker in January 1930.
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