How Many People Die from Diabetes a Year?


It is estimated that around 4,000,000 people die from diabetes every year around the world. In the United States alone close to 200,000 are dying every year from the disease. Diabetes is currently a very big problem in our world and is getting worse due to the types of foods that people are consuming on a regular basis, and obesity rates.
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their blood pressure goes either too low or too high so their bodies cant handle it so they die.
As many as 65 percent of people with diabetes die from heart disease and
71,372 people died due to diabetes in 2001 in USA; 5,947 per month, 1,372/week, 195/day, & 8/hour!
Horrible - but almost nobody dies immediately. It usually takes years, during which one develops ugly and painful complications. Kidney failure, liver failure. circulatory failure
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