How Many People Die from Heroin Each Year?


The number of people that die each year around the world from heroin use increases every year. As of 2009, over 100,000 people were dying from heroin use. The number is most likely higher by now, in 2013.
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Thousands of people die everyday from heroin. It has been estimated that over 6500 people a year die of overdoses. It is a popular drug but damage the body. For more information look
No one really knows how many people die annually from heroin overdose.
Heroin has about 500,000 users, and about 400 users
108 die per minute! 156000 die per day, 56.7 million die per year:) Embed Quote
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200,000 people die year from the effects of heroin. 85 percent of people that become addicted to heroin, will eventually die from the addiction of heroin. ...
According to recent studies, approximately two thousand people die each year due to heroin in the United States. This number includes heroin use/abuse. ...
Thousands of people perish from heroin. The statistic estimates that over 6,500 people die each year from overdoses. This doesn't include the amount of people ...
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