How Many People Die from Not Wearing a Seatbelt?


An average of 35,000 people die every year in vehicle accidents. For every two deaths, one could have been avoided by wearing a seat belt. That means 17,500 people die from not wearing the seat belt. You can find out more information here:
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Wearing a seatbelt is not only the law, but it can save your life. If you wasn't wearing a seatbelt when you got into a wreck you could die or be hurt for life.
1. Pull the seat belt out from its holder, across your body and slip the buckle into place until it clicks. Give the seat belt a gentle tug to make sure it is fastened securely. 2
I'm not sure the exact number but it is a lot lower than the % of people that die because they didn't wear one
1. Give them the warnings about not using them. The tragic things that could have been avoided if people had used their seatbelts. 2. If they tell you that people have been killed
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According to statistics from James Madison University, as many as 35,000 people die from car crashes, and half of those people died because they were not wearing ...
In Kentucky you are not arrested for not wearing your selt belt. You can be stopped if you are spotted without one even if you have committed no other offenses ...
Unbelted crash ...
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