How Many People Died at Omaha Beach?


The total number of people who died at Omaha beach was approximately 2,400. This war saw the US incur the highest number of casualties with over 80% of total casualties being Americans. At the end of the battle, Americans had gained a hold on the beach and its immediate hinterland.
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Mgs (machine gunners) killed most of them. This is partly true. The army air commands did not bomb the mine fields, the bunkers cause they were too high for the bombs to do any damage
The figure I had for battle strength is 43,250 and a similar estimate of 3,000 for casualties (killed, missing and wounded) which would give the average soldier a 1/14 chance of dying
The US 1st and 29th Divisions together suffered around 2000 casualties at Omaha
The discovery Channel says that the figure was about 2400, and that was a 50% casualty rate. Read Wikipedia's account of D-day, it is really good. And go to the Discovery Channel,
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