How Many People Died Building the Empire State Building?


Official records state that only five workers were killed during the construction of the empire state building: one worker was struck by a truck; a second fell down an elevator shaft; a third was hit by a hoist; a fourth was in a blast area; and a fifth fell off a scaffold. Over 30 people have jumped to their death from the empire state building.
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If you are planning to visit the Empire State Building, you should ensure that you are ready for a long, long climb. The building has 102 floors and is a main tourist attraction in
Five, according to the official records: one was hit by a truck, one fell down an elevator shaft, one was hit by a hoist, one was in a blast area, and one fell off of some scaffolding
According to Wikipedia ( original source here: 5 people died during the construction of the Empire State Building. Official records state
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