How Many People Died in Hurricane Katrina?


The number of people who died in hurricane Katrina is estimated to be 1,500. It also caused around $300 billion worth of damage to property.
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The confirmed death toll from Hurricane Katrina was 1,836. Katrina first formed in on August 23, 2005 and finally dissipated on August 30, 2005 causing over 90 billion dollars in
about 1800 people.
An exact death toll for Hurricane Katrina is uncertain, but it's estimated that
1. One option is to donate through the American Red Cross. Their website (see Resources) will allow you to donate to the disaster relief fund. This money goes to help victims of disasters
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There were 1,836 lives taken from Hurricane Katrina. There are still 705 people missing from this tragedy. Hurricane Katrina had an affect on over 15 million people ...
The hurricane Katrina caused the death of more than 1800 people when the hurricane hit the US gulf coast. It is not certain how many animals died during the hurricane ...
Hurricane Katrina is an Atlantic storm that hit various states of the Unites States in 2005.It was reported that it was one of the 6 strongest hurricanes in the ...
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