How many people died in the Battle of Fort Sumter?


The exact number of people who died during the Battle of Fort Sumpter is unknown. It is known however that 52 Confederate soldiers were killed and during the surrender ceremony, one Confederate and one Union soldier were killed. There were alo many slaves who were killed as well.
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Surprisingly, not one person died at Fort Sumter. The war was squashed before anything could happen. The Confederates won the bloodless war. This war was in Charleston, South Carolina
nobody died because they surrendered before anybody was killed.
19, 240 Killed, 35, 493 Wounded, 2, 152 Missing, 585 Captured. Oh, and that's just for the British. French & German losses were comparitively light.
The Union had 13,000 casualties, and about 1,800 of them were fatal. The Confederacy had 2,500 and less then 100 were fatalities. Exact numbers vary according to the source, so be
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