How Many People Died in the Tsunami?


Up until December of 2004, the phenomena of tsunami were not on the minds of most of the world's population. The initial death toll estimated in the Asian Tsunami was said to be around 275,000, with thousands of others gone missing. A recently conducted research states that a total of 229,866 people were lost, which included 186,983 dead and other 42,883 found missing.
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Which Tsunami are you referring to? There are many that have resulted in loss of life.
Fernando Bengochea was Berkus' partner who died in the 2004 Indian Ocean
tsunamis are not normal. Over 200,000 died in the Indonesia tsunami, many of the bodies were not found, they were swept out to sea. A 20 foot wave came in at about 400 miles per hour
Although the number is only approximate, the Tsunami claimed the lives of 60 000 people. Thanks for 82ASKing!
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I'm not sure which tsunami you're asking about but I think you might mean the one in Indonesia back on December 26, 2004. The Asian tsunami death toll reached a staggering 283,000.
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