How many people fly each day?


An average of approximately 1,758,904 people fly on 24,600 flights throughout the United States each day. On a worldwide scale, approximately 3 million people take to the skies every day.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 642 million passengers flew on airplanes in the United States in 2013. The most popular airlines as of 2014 are Delta, Southwest, United, American and U.S. Airways.

The most traveled routes in the United States, Chicago to New York, Los Angeles to San Francisco, and Los Angeles to New York, are used by more than 3 million people each year.

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The number of people that fly each in the USA are 2 million people. As of 2008, it was estimated that close to 800 million flew in the US. There are over 5 carriers that fly to US.
According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics ( a total of 631,939,829 passengers boarded domestic flights in the United States in the year 2010
Thousands, upon thousands upon thousands. Not only do you have many different airlines and commercial flights, there are tons of private, corporate, fractional and cargo planes too!
It is the fourth-busiest American airport and the
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