How Many People Gamble?


Gambling in the UK is a hobby and business meaning large numbers of people are involved in various capacities. According to official statistics, 33 million britons gamble in some shape or form.
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There are over 6 billion people in the world with over a few billion being children and people from poor countries that cannot afford to gamble, but there is approximately 1.6billion
Gambling is worldwide but there aren't any statys. People have gambled on
I doubt that you will find a specific answer on the Internet. However, considering legal and illegal gambling, charity gambling, office pools (NCAA, etc. and other individual gambling
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The amount of people that gamble in the United States is estimated to be at around 15 million. 45% of gambles are 15, 76% of 18 years have a gamble addiction between the ages of 14-18. Internet gambling has exceed $2 billion dollars in the past few years. You can find more information here:
There is approximately 1.6 billion people gambling during any given year with over 4.2 billion people who have gambled at one time or another through casinos and other places where gambling takes place atl.
Millions of people all over the world gamble. People who play bingo at their local church are gambling even though they would deny it. Also, an office football pool is a form of gambling.
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