How Many People Get Electrocuted a Year?


Electrocution is a way that people die due to an abundance of electric currents going through a body. There are many different ways that a person can get electrocuted. Electricians work with electricity, so it is a common occurrence in this field. A prisoner can also get electrocuted. Lightning can also electrocute a person. Touching the third rail of a subway track can electrocute a person, too. It is hard to say how many people are electrocuted a year because the number varies greatly from year to year.
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Electrocution is and electric shock to a persons heart. This will stop there life. This is also known as capital punishment. If a murderer get's the death sentence, they are put in
electric shock Physical effect of an electric current that enters the body, ranging from a minor static-electricity discharge to a power-line accident or lightning strike but most
1. Because many generating plants are miles from the urban areas where most electricity is used, so power loss along the lines is a big concern. Maximizing transmission voltage is
at least discomfort, at worst death. Taken from Wikipedia: " Psychological The perception of electric shock can be different depending on the voltage, duration, current, path
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