How Many People Have Died Playing Football?


There is no way of knowing how many people have died while they were playing football. Football is a very dangerous kind of sport but not many people actually die from playing of the sport. There are children that play the sport as well as teens, college students, and adults. Not many people will make it to the professional level in playing football. If you do make it to the professional level, you are a very good football player.
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Although there are different rules and procedures to football, the main object is to get the ball to the end zone while opponents try to prevent you from doing so.
It isn't hard to learn how to play football. The main objective in football is to score points. There are four ways to score: touchdown, extra point attempt, field goal and safety
They dont keep there head up. Always keep your head you can easily get paralyzed and die if your un your head in to someone.Joshua Blair, Heidelberg High.
1. Possess the correct body type. Generally, centers are not tall in comparison to the other offensive line positions. Most scouts will say the ideal center height is six foot one
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There have been several deaths in football, but all that is actuall in record is the death of 8 players, who died while playinf football. ...
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