How Many People Have Won a Million Dollars on Who Wants to Be a Millioanre?


The amount of people who have won a million dollars on who wants to be a millionaire has been about twelve contestants to date. Many have played the game, but only the twelve have won the million dollars.
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John Carpenter, Dan Blonsky, Joe Trela, Bob House, Kim Hunt, David Goodman, Kevin Olmstead, Bernie Cullen, Ed Toutant, Kevin Smith, Edmund Saleeby, and Nancy Christy have won a million
There have been 11 U.S. million dollar
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Who Wants to be a Millionaire is a television game show that was shown in the United States on the ABC network and later in syndication. The show was based on ...
In the US version there has been 11 people winning a million dollars, whilst the UK version has had 5 people winning the millon pound prize. ...
There is no mention of a 2 million dollar scratch of ticket nor winner at the CA lottery website, there is however, mention of 2 separate winners of the LA mega ...
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