How Many People Have Won Two Oscars?


Katherine Hepburn won 4 oscars in her career, Janet Gaynor won 3, Merryl Streep has 2, Hillary Swank has 2, Spencer Tracy, Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Fredric March, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Hanks each won two Oscars.
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The Oscar winners in 2009 included Slumdog Millionaire for the best motion picture. Sean Penn was the winner for his performance in Milk and Kate Winslet for her performance in The
As of 2009, 34 Actors have won 2 Academy Awards. 1. Gary Cooper -----Best Actor in a Leading Role for: High Noon (1952) -----Best Actor in a Leading Role for: Sergeant York (1941)
The Little Mermaid won for Best Music, Original Score and Best
In terms of pure numbers, it would be Walt Disney with 22 non-honorary ones. Naturally it depends on what you're looking for exactly. Most acting wins would be Katharine Hepburn with
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The Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars, are a set of awards given annually as a merit for distinctive achievement. How the Academy Awards started was on ...
Sean Penn has won two Oscars: one for the best actor in the Mystic River and another one for the best actor for his performance in Milk. He has also won other ...
Tom Hanks is an American actor, writer, producer, and director born Thomas Jeffrey Hanks on July 9, 1956 in Concord, California, U.S. He has won two Oscars, in ...
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