How Many People Live in Argentina?


Argentina has a population of 41343201. Its total area is 1,068,296 sq mi (2,766,890 sq km)
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Tough question, very broad. Argentina is a big country, it would be as if i asked how it is to live in the US, or in Europe. Every province, every city is very different, from the
To find a standard of living, look at a country's Infant Mortality Rate, salary/GDP PPP, and education/literacy rate. Argentina: Infant Mortality Rate: 10.52. GDP PPP: $17,700. Literacy's_stan...
The average income is 959.77 per month. That makes it: $11,517.24 per
What population statistics are there about Jews living in Argentina? The following information about Argentinian Jewry comes from the 2005 Annual Assessment by The Jewish People Policy
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The population of Argentina is 42,610,981 people.
Population Growth: 1
Population of:
There are approximately 41,281,631 people living in the country of Argentina. This was a statistic that was developed in 2011 when a countrywide survey was conducted. Argentina is the second largest country in both South America and the Latin America region. Argentina was once known as the Argentine Republic. Argentina is also the country with the most Nobel prizes and the country has produced many noteworthy causes. It has received 2 prizes in science and one in peace.
It is estimated that approximately forty million people were living in Argentina as of 2009. This number will slightly differ today since a year has passed since that population count. You can find more information at
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