How Many People Live in Italy?


Italy's population is at 58,126,212 .Its current president is Giorgio Napolitano.
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The population of Italy is 61,482,297 people.
Population Growth: 0.38
Population of:
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There are many different types of animals that live in Italy. Here are some; Wild Bore, Elk, Rabbits, Brown Bears, Bats, Porcupines and Badgers.
1. Use your French passport or national identity card to legally enter Italy. Move into rental accommodation and secure a rental contract. 2. Go to your local town hall and bring
Lived in Venice for 10 months as an exchange student. +'s: + beautiful city and area + walkable/boatable, you certainly stay in shape! + no cars + interesting events every year guaranteed
Brandon(the gay 1 & his nickname is t-stem at south west ) say's the prosperous north and central regions of Italy, and the relatively poor south are just like the hood where's_standard...
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38,198 ...
The population of Rome, Italy is 2563241 in accordance to the GeoNames geographical database. The data for this record was last updated on 13th march 2009. ...
Palermo, the beautiful historic city located in Southern Italy, has a population of 657,935 inhabitants. This ancient city was founded by the Phoenicians in 736 ...
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