How Many People Live in Switzerland?


The population of Switzerland is 7,604,467.Its current President is Doris Leuthard.
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The population of Switzerland is 7,996,026 people.
Population Growth: 0.92
Population of:
Switzerland, technically called the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic located in Western Europe. Current estimates show that Switzerland has 7,771,600 residents.
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The following web site ( lists 89 species of fish in switzerland. However, it appears that some species have been extirpated.
Expensive? You bet; Geneva is almost always in the top five of expensive cities and usually in the top three. The real estate market in Geneva is a big part of this; the rental vacancy
The latest demographics from Switzerland tell us that about 66,519 people who
Quite Swiss. Expensive, but very high standard of living. VERY expensive, Very High standard of living. A very low crime rate, but relatedly, a very low tolerance for anti-social
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