How Many People Per Toilet?


The number of people per toilet in a workplace depends on their gender. If they are women or mixed, the number is 1-5 people per toilet; for men only, the recommended number is 1-15 people per toilet. This is according to the Workplace Welfare Regulations of 1992.
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1. Turn off the water to your toilet so that it will not refill on its own when you flush it during this experiment. 2. Take the lid off of the tank in the back of the toilet. 3.
There is no required or optimum number. Poorer households, especially in the third worls, have none. Boarding houses my have one for several inhabitants. Rich homes may have a dozen
This is speculative and involves some guesswork, but here's a basic analysis: US population: 307 million People seem to think the average person goes to the bathroom 6-7 times per
Newer toilets use about 1.6 gallons per flush, so the cost can be calculated
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According to the main provisions of the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare the minimum number of facilities is specified as 5 people should have 1 toilet. For ...
According to the Welfare Regulations of 1992, if a business is particularly dirty or hygiene standards are very high, requirements are greater. Basically, its ...
How many toilets are required per person is going to be different according to your state laws. in California for elementary school, there must be one toilet per ...
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