How many people play "DotA"?


It is estimated that approximately five million people play Dota throughout the world. Though roughly ten million have actually tried it. However, about two million play it regularly.
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The exact number of people who play guitar in the world is unknown because there are many people who just play for fun and don't make it a career. There are millions of guitars sold
1 Install Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft 3 : The Frozen Throne on your computer. 2 Connect to Battle .net and create an account. Try to make your account name distinctive and memorable
1. Learn the hot keys, which control your spells. Clicking on the icons with your mouse causes you to lose precious seconds in a battle. If you have trouble with the preset hot keys
There are more than sixty items in DotA. Each item provides bonuses to different stats, and will enhance your hero. Thus it's important to know which items will maximize your hero's
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