How Many People Play the Guitar?


There are very many people that play the guitar. It is hard to get the exact figure although it is estimated that approximately 50% of all musicians play it. It is not only played as a hobby but also to make music.
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There are a number of options to learn to play the bass guitar. Ask someone at your local music store for references for instructors in your area, buy an online instructional DVD,
1. Place the left foot (for a right-handed player) on a stool and place the guitar on the left thigh. This raises the neck of the guitar so the left fingers can reach over the finger
1. Position the left-hand index finger on the first fret of the fifth string to produce the root of the chord, Bb. Keeping the left-hand fingers in the middle, to right side, of the
Bluegrass guitar is a style of guitar playing associated with bluegrass music picking and strumming styles. Bluegrass is a form of music that includes country, folk and blues elements
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How many people play guitar is actually unknown. It would be impossible to get a precise count, but the last major poll that was taken, estimated about 13% of ...
The amount of Americans that play guitar can be estimated at a few million a year. The exact amount is relatively unknown, since there is not a way to track how ...
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