How Many People Survived the 9 11?


It is unclear how many people survived the 9 11. 2,823 people died on the attack of the twin towers in New York when an aircraft crashed into it. The temperatures of the fire rose to about 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and lasted for almost 69 days.
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Approximately six billion people.
Excluding the 19 hijackers, 2,974 people died in the attacks. The overwhelming
1. Visit New York City and pay tribute to all of those who lost their lives by touring Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center towers once stood. Visit the Viewing Wall on Church
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The September eleven attacks were a series of attacks where terrorists bombed the two unique and famous buildings in the world- the Pentagon and World Trade Centre towers. An estimated 18,000 people survived the attack and made it to share their experiences. Most of them were on lower floors below the points of impact.
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