How Many People Use Computers?


Computers have become an integral part of society so much so that education involves computers irrespective of the career path chosen. It is thought that 365 million people use computers globally but in the UK, it is a slightly bigger portion.
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This is secondhand information but a friend that worked at a large computer company said no more than 5% of parents did so.
Considerations A desktop computer uses between 60 and 250 watts, depending on whether it is idle. A 17-inch cathode-ray monitor uses about 80 watts. A laptop consumes 15 to 45 watts
millions of people use the Internet everyday.
Considering how long recycling has been around, you have to wonder how many people recycle today? People throughout the world have been recycling for thousands of years. It hasn't
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According to the World Internet Usage Statistics, it has been recorded that 344,124,450 people in North America use the internet. In 2010, it was estimated that over 6 billion people (globally) utilized the Internet.
It's is estimated that over 350 million people all over the world use computers daily whether it is at work or at home. There are still a lot of people these days that don't have a computer in their home.
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