How many people does a 10-pound ham feed?


Because serving size varies based on how the ham is served and who is eating it, a 10-pound ham feeds anywhere from 14 to 30 people. The upper range is typically for a buffet with many other choices. During a ham dinner where the meat is the primary offering, fewer people are served.

Compared to other meats, pound-for-pound, ham generally serves fewer people because of the bone. One way to avoid excessive waste due to this is to purchase a prepared spiral-sliced ham. This is much simpler than do-it-yourself carving. A pre-sliced ham presents neat, whole slices that make serving easy.

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A ten pound ham will feed roughly 20 people. Most people say to figure about a half pound of meat per person. Hope this helps!
Realisticly, a nine pound ham will easily feed about 8 people leaving
how fat are the 30 people?
This is the only available info: A 12-14 lbs whole ham (bone-in) should be cook in a temperature of 140 degrees F for about 15 minutes.
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