How Many People Will a 7 Pound Ham Serve?


Depending on how hearty of an appetite the people eating have, a seven pound ham will serve about 8 to 10 people. This number varies based on whether the ham is bone in or bone out.
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A HoneyBaked 7 lb half ham is $54.95, it serves 10-14 people.
I'm a professional chef and this was an easy question! Since ham is already cooked and it shrinks very little when reheated I would base my answer like this.10 pounds of ham makes
About 5 ounces or so per sandwich-and use a scoop to measure it, equals about 32 pounds of ham salad. I love ham salad by the way and have a really good recipe for it if you need
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The amount of ham needed to feed 14 people depends on the type of ham that is being served. The serving size varies between boneless ham, bone-in ham or spiral ...
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