How Many People Will A Brisket Feed?


How many people will a brisket feed is a complicated question. You must take into account side dishes, if it is adults or children eating it, and of course the appetite of the consumers. One brisket can feed about fifteen people. When considering how much food to cook for guests it is always better to overestimate the amount needed than underestimate because there is nothing you can do if there is not enough, but you can always save leftovers if there is too much.
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5 briskets.
how many people does a large pizza feed:It feeds 4 adults.
Four pounds of brisket will feed 10 to 12 people. So you will need, at the least, 24 pounds. . TurboB. 44 months ago.
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A lot of people love brisket and would probably eat more then one serving. If served right a 10 pound brisket will feed close to 20 people if they ate just a half pound each.
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