How Many People Will a Gallon of Ice Cream Feed?


How many people a gallon of ice cream will feed depends on the serving size. If you go with the standard serving suggestion of half a cup, the gallon will feed 32 people. Larger serving sizes will feed less people.
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Find out how much a scoop holds, decide how many scoops you want give each person and divide that into one gallon. By the way what type of gallon are you using?
There are 32 half cup servings of ice cream in a
Buy a portion scoop and do the math. There are 128 fluid ounces in one gallon. Go to a restaurant suppy store and buy an ice cream scooper. They come in different numbers, depending
Don't panic - we have gas prices approaching the equivalent of $10 a gallon and we still have our ice cream 'vans' as we call them! [£1.35/litre x 4.5 li/gal x 1.55 £/
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The typical serving size for any flavor of ice cream is a half cup. So, if you?re trying to figure out how much ice cream to buy for an event, you?ll want to calculate ...
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