How Many People Does a 10 Inch Cake Feed?


According to the ordering sheet at the bakery, a 10 inch round cake will provide 18-20 servings. An 8 inch cake serves 10-12 and a 6 inch cake will feed 6-8 people.
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The question cannot be answered as stated in simple mathematical terms. It depends on the size of each slice, whether or not everyone has the same amount.
A 9 inch cake is supposed to feed 12 people on average, but it
It depend on whether you are cutting into wedges or flat slices - I would say 6-8 if you are doing wedges like a pie but if you are doing slices where you cut the cake in half down
Ok, as I can't see the full recipe I can only say; For the Madeira Cake, I think you will need to use 20 - 23 cm (8 - 9 inch) Cake Tin, or. 21.5 cm (8 1/2 inch) As for the 50g of
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