How Many People Does a 10 Inch Cake Feed?


According to the ordering sheet at the bakery, a 10 inch round cake will provide 18-20 servings. An 8 inch cake serves 10-12 and a 6 inch cake will feed 6-8 people.
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Thinking reasonable slices here, I thought it out a minute and it is reasonable to say, about 8 people for an 8 inch cake. Taking a picture of an 8 inch circle (to scale) and drawing
A 9 inch cake is supposed to feed 12 people on average, but it
Ok, as I can't see the full recipe I can only say; For the Madeira Cake, I think you will need to use 20 - 23 cm (8 - 9 inch) Cake Tin, or. 21.5 cm (8 1/2 inch) As for the 50g of
The question cannot be answered as stated in simple mathematical terms. It depends on the size of each slice, whether or not everyone has the same amount.
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