How Many Pesos Equal One American Dollar?


One American Dollar equals 12.84 Mexican Pesos. The symbol for the American Dollar is USD. The symbol for the Mexican Peso is MXN.
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US$ 1 = 12.05 Mexican Pesos as of today.
13.7126 pesos.
500 pesos is $37.34 in US Dollars as of 7/19/09. 1 U.S dollar is equal to 13.40 Mexican pesos. Hola!!!
Hi. You can check for yourself at Choose US Dollar then Mexico Pesos. And. for today exchange rate. it's US$ 1 = 10.8598 Mexican Pesos. Hope that helped. B.F.
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15.016 Mexican Pesos (MXN) is equal to 1 US Dollar
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It takes 12.2662 Mexican pesos to equal one American dollar. Ten US dollars is equivalent to 122.6621 Mexican pesos. Pesos makes it sound like I have a lot of money when I really only have a few bucks.
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