How Many Pesos Make an American Dollar?


The number of Pesos that make an American dollar depend on the existing exchange rate since it keeps changing. The Peso is the official currency that is used in Mexico and you can know the current exchange rate from .
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As of July 15, 2009, the current exchange rate of 1 American dollar is 13.57 Mexican pesos. This rate changes slightly by the day and should be checked regularly if you plan on doing
1 american dollar is worth 12.27 in the mexican peso
One U.S. dollar equals 13.3475 Mexican Pesos.
1. Look into the currency rates at your local bank. Bank exchange rates are typically lower than at other institutions, and you have the security of being an ongoing client of the
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As of November 18, 2010, the current exchange rate is 12.30 Mexican Pesos against one U.S. Dollar. The last time it broke through the 13-Peso ceiling was on September ...
The exchange rate for the Mexican peso has always been miserable when compared to the U.S. dollar. Today the exchange rate is .0896. Is there really any mystery ...
The amount of Peso's it takes to equal and American dollar can vary depending on who's Peso you are referring to. A Philippine Peso is 43.3164 to $1 American. ...
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