How Many Photos Can a 2gb Memory Card Hold?


A 2 GB memory card can hold between 143 and 46 uncompressed pictures depending on the number of megapixels in the picture. It will hold between 1430 and 260 compressed photos also depending on the number of megapixels with the number of photos held increasing as the number of megapixels decreases. A 2 GB card has 2000 MB of storage space.
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It all depends on the quality of the picture. Think logically: The better the quality the more memory it takes and vice versa.
At 6.1 megapixels , approximately 1500 photos will fit on a 2 GB storage
Depends on the settings in the camera. Usually camera's will tell you how many pictures it can take with certain GIGS and certain settings. It all depends on what the resolution is
The WMV (Windows Media File) format is common for shorter video files. Based on how long the video is and the quality of the image itself, a 2GB memory card can hold between one and
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Depending with megapixels, 2gb memory card can hold: 2 megapixels-2245,6 megapixels 735 approximately
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