How Many Pictures Can I Store on an 4gb SD Memory Card?


A 4GB SD memory card can hold an average of 666 JPEG images. This is arrived upon by getting a half times the number of megapixels in a camera to determine how much memory a single photo will take up. For example, a 16 megapixel camera will use up 8Mb to store a single photo.
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It varies by make and model of camera. The biggest factor is megapixels. On a Pentax Optio S10 10 megapixel camera it holds about 1100+ pictures. I also have a few videos on my card
It depends on the resolution. For example, a 4GB card will
I can get 215 on mine. I shoot RAW and JPEG Basic on my 10MP camera Source(s): proFotog
1. Connect your SD card reader to your computer's USB port and install the software CD that came with the device. Some devices are "plug-in-play, which means no software CD is
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The number of pictures you can store on an SD card will depend on the size or resolution of the pictures, and the memory size of the card. As an example, an SD ...
A 4GB memory card can hold on average 4, 000 pictures on a three mega pixel camera. The number of pictures that can be stored in the memory card depends on the ...
You can put thousands of picture in a 4 gb memory card. 4 gb is equal to 4,000 megabytes of space. If one picture is equivalent to 1megabytes, you can put 4,000 ...
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