How Many Pieces of Cake Can You Get from a 10 Inch Layer Cake with a 2 Inch Pan?


How many pieces of cake you may get out of one all depends on how big or how little you cut the pieces.If you cut smaller pieces you will get more,if you cut big pieces plan on not getting as many.
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Using the formula of the cylinder, a 9-inch cake pan that is 1 inch high will hold a volume of about 63.58 cubic inches. At 14.4 cubic inches to the cup, that's 4.4 cups. You can
1/2 way filled.
A 2" slice of coffee cake has 256 calories, 5.4 g of
I love reading American questions, do you ever make a cake from scratch you know - butter, sugar. flour, eggs, and the mind boggles at a tube pan - what is it? edit Thank you, good
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Baking something nice? To answer the question, a 10x2 inch round cake pan holds 11 cups of batter. If you prefer metric, this is equivalent to about 2. 6 liters ...
The amount of icing that it would take to ice a 9 inch two layer cake, would all depend on how thick you want the icing to be, if the icing is just going on the ...
A full sheet cake is 18 x 24 inches and serves 96 people if the pieces are 2 inches by 2 inches. A half a sheet cake is either 11 by 15 or 12 by 16 and a quarter ...
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