How Many Pills Does It Take to Overdose and Die?


It all depends what type of pills that one takes to determine how many it will take to overdose and die. There are thousands of types of pills in the world. If you are seriously considering this, it is recommended to go to an emergency room or call a suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.
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yes you can die from a drug over dose life must be very bad if you did people are dying out there from cancer etc people are being murdered innocent children mothers fathers your
1. Observe the person for signs of an upset stomach, including vomiting. The body will sometimes try to rid itself of an excess of toxins through vomiting. However, even if a person
All drugs, even non-prescription drugs, are
Most of the time, the death is caused by respiratory depression. Opiates (pain killers) cause central nervous system (CNS) depression, which, if depressed enough, starts to shut down
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