How Many Pills Does It Take to Overdose and Die?


It all depends what type of pills that one takes to determine how many it will take to overdose and die. There are thousands of types of pills in the world. If you are seriously considering this, it is recommended to go to an emergency room or call a suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.
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yes you can die from a drug over dose life must be very bad if you did people are dying out there from cancer etc people are being murdered innocent children mothers fathers your
Overdose depends on the medication being taken. Each medication has an overdose threshold, but you never want to try to get there, or see how far you can push it before hitting that
1. Observe the person for signs of an upset stomach, including vomiting. The body will sometimes try to rid itself of an excess of toxins through vomiting. However, even if a person
heres the secret: take none and you will be okay. Overdosing with pills on purpose is a p***y way to die. (excuse my language) If you dont like you life and want to die, go and do
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It is possible to take naltrexone pills if you have a naltrxone pettet but you should not do so. You could very well die of an overdose. Speak with your doctor ...
It would take thousands of 200 mg of Advil to put you in a coma. It is also almost impossible to overdose and die on Advil. It will make you sick and throw up ...
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