How Many Planets Are There in the Universe?


In universe we have nine planets.
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The largest exoplanet so far discovered is. Sept 2004. HAT-P-1, is located some 450 light years from Earth in the constellation Lacerta. It is nearly 1.4 times larger than Jupiter
The "universe" wouldn't notice. You could wipe the entire planet of the (ahem) face of the earth and it would be practically impossible to detect from as near as the star
Pluto is the coldest planet in our solar system with an average
Nikki, Nobody knows what the coldest planet in the universe is, because we only know about a few planets so far: those in our solar system, plus a few around other stars. So your
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There are seven major tectonic plates on the planet that are further subdivided into dozens of smaller plates. Geologists do not always agree on how to subdivide ...
Almost every planet has a moon except Mercury and Venus. Earth has 1 moon, Mars has 2, Jupiter has 63, Saturn has 61, Uranus has 27, Neptune has 13 and Pluto has ...
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