How many plants can you have in a flat?


A flat is a plastic tray in which many plants are each given a small cell refereed to as a pot. These trays come in many sizes however, and can be made up of different numbers of cells. Some can be as little as 12, to as much as 48, it really is up to you what size you want.
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Each flat contains 8, 6-plant packs (48 plants per flat). Can I help you with anything else?
1. Place parsley seeds in small jar or bowl and cover with warm water. Allow to sit at least 24 hours to soften the seeds' tough outer coating. Drain seeds completely and spread on
There are 30 eggs to a flat, arranged in 6 rows and 5 columns.
It depends on the size of the plant and its desired on-center spacing. If you have a certain plant in mind, you can look up the preferred plant spacing (distance between the centers
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