How Many Points Are Awarded for a Try in Rugby?


A try is the main way of scoring points in rugby union football and rugby league. A try is scored by grounding the ball in the opposition's in-goal area. However, the points differ in rugby league and rugby union football so that 5 points are awarded for a try in rugby union and 4 points are awarded for a try in rugby league.
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5 points for a try in rugby union, 4 points in rugby league.
Five points are awarded for a try. Two points for a conversion.
A win is 4 points, a draw worth 2. Loss worth 0 (obv.) score 4 tries and over is worth an extra point and also if you lose by less than 7 points you'll get a point for that too. Check
4 points for a win. 1 bonus point for scoring four tries. 1 bonus point for losing game in less then 7 points.
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