How Many Points Do I Have on My Licence?


If you are worried about how many points you can have on your licence, well, the answer is 12. However, recently qualified drivers can be reverted back to learner status if they exceed 6 points. Once this is reached you would normally be banned from driving.
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3 in Canada, and believe 4 in the United states.
They do not list how many points are on the license.
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The maximum penalty points charged to your licence depends on the offences committed. However, if you have collected 12 or more penalty points over a period of ...
Any driver who gets 6 penalty points or more on their licence within two years of passing their practical driving test will automatically lose their licence and ...
You may loose your driving licence after reaching a significant number of penalty points within a set period of time. This could take place from a year, with as ...
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