How Many Points on a Christmas Star?


A Christmas star generally has five different points, and an open bottom so that it can be placed on the tree. Six sided stars are often used for Jewish stars and are mostly associated with Hanukkah, so it is rarely seen as a typical Christmas star (although a shining star may be illustrated with six sides). An eight sided star is also generally used to show a shinning star such as one you would find in the sky.
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The wonderful movie White Christmas starred Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen. The movie was released on October 14, 1954.
five is common for the tree thus allowing a spot to place it on the top, and six and eight are common for illustrating a star in the sky.
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The points on a Christmas star: 'The upward point of the star is
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1. Draw a five-pointed star on the card. Make it 1 foot in height for children and 2 foot for adults. Cut out the star with the scissors, then cover it in glue ...
An 8-point star is a popular symbol for Christmas and mostly seen in greeting cards as part of the design. There are many images or designs in the Internet which ...
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