How Many Polar Bears Are There?


Polar bears are the earth's largest land predators. It is estimated that there are approximately anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears in the world today.
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A U.S. Geological Survey of May 2008, scientists stated that the current population was estimated to be at more than 20,000 polar bears world wide. They stated that the populations
Instructions. Start with an image of a polar bear that you would like to draw. Full-body profile images are the best to start with, and will help you get a grasp of the bear's proportions
1 Draw a tilted oval for the head. Ad 2 Draw a curve for the snout and two circles for the ear. 3 Draw a circle then draw an oval intersecting it for the body of the polar bear. 4
No one knows how many polar bears there are because they're difficult to count,
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