How Many Popcorn Kernels Are in Each Bag?


The number of popcorn kernels in each bag will vary. On average, there are around 100 kernels in a 3 ounces bag.
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There are about 773 kernels of popcorn in a bag. Thank
There is half a cup of kernels in a bag of microwave popcorn which produces about 4.5 cups when popped
guess for the mass of a kernel: 0.15g. 15% water = 0.0225g x 18E23atoms/18g = 2.3E21atoms. leaving 0.15 - 0.0225 = 0.13g. which is. 78% carb x .13 = 0.1g x 24x6E23/180g =6.2E21atoms
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