How Many Ports Does a Computer Have?


How many ports a computer has will depend on the specific computer. They can also have different kinds of ports. The average computer usually has at least two USB ports.
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Computer ports are places you can plug things into. If you turn your computer around, there are all kinds of differently shaped holes. Each one of those is a different kind of port.
The Ethernet port has become an essential part of any computer, allowing computers to connect to the Internet if they do not have the equipment to do so wirelessly. An Ethernet port
A port, to put it simply, is like a door that information uses to pass in and out of your computer. Each port has it's own number assigned to it, (HTTP uses port 80, for instance)
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A com port on a computer is simply a communication port. It is usually a serial port found on the computer. It is used for a number of activities with the main ...
To find you computer's port number, run cmd so as to open a command prompt window. Type 'netstat €“o' and enter. Examine the port which is associated ...
A port is a communication channel in a network of computers. You can think of a port as a direct dialing number within a phone network. Look here for more information ...
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