How Many Possible Combinations for Powerball?


There are 195,249,054 possible combinations for Powerball. There are five numbers and one Powerball number that must me chosen to win the jackpot.
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Possible combinations of number to win
To win the jackpot there are 5,006,386 combinations for the five numbers x 35 powerball choices, so there are 175,223,510 combinations for picking the jackpot combination.
146,107,962. Pick 5 out of 55 numbers, then 1 out of 42 possible power ball numbers: 55c5 = (55!/(50!5! = 3,478,761. 3,478,761 * 42 = 146,107,962. Source(s)
1. Determine the amount of numbers you could end up with on each side of the domino and call this N. Since each square can have from zero to six dots, there are seven possible combinations
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Powerball is a form of drawn lottery numbers, which can be purchased from a lottery retailer for $1 or $2. Many people make selections based on lucky numbers, ...
There are 175,223,510 different number combinations in the Powerball Lottery. Without the Powerball number there are over 5 million different number combinations ...
There are over five million possible number combinations with the first five numbers in the Powerball Lottery. When the Powerball itself is added in, there are ...
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