How Many Pounds in a Bushel of Apples?


There are 42 pounds of weight, in a bushel of apples. That's a lot of apples. That's enough apples to make 21 apple pies, just like grandma use to bake.
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About 40 lbs.
A bushel of apples weighs about 48 pounds. So, there are usually 4 apples per pound. Take 4 times 48 and you will get about 192 apples in a bushel. As the saying goes, "An apple
A bushel of apples weights about 42 pounds so 1/2 bushel will be about 21
Andy Had to look this one up. The federal statutes is 50 pounds of ripe apples in a bushel. In Illinois you could have 47 pounds of green apples.In Vermont,Wisconsin and Main you
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The average bushel of apples contains a grand total of forty-eight pounds. It is hard to say just how many apples that is as each apple is different is size and ...
There are about 42 pounds of apples in a bushel, but in countries outside of the United States a bushel of apples can weight over 50 pounds. ...
There are 50 pounds of peaches in a bushel. If you are wondering how many pounds of apples are in a bushel, it is slightly less. There are 48 pounds of apples ...
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