How many pounds are equal to 2 tons?


In the United States and other countries that use the short ton, two tons is equal to 4,000 pounds, according to There are three different types of ton measurements: the short ton, long ton and metric ton.

The short ton in the United States is often used to measure the weight of vehicles and is 2,000 pounds. A short ton is equal to 0.907 metric tons. A long ton, which is used in the United Kingdom and other countries, is 2,240 pounds. A long ton is equivalent to 1.016 metric tons. While two short tons equals 4,000 pounds, two long tons equal 4,480 pounds.

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Pound is a way to measure weight and mass. Ton is also a way to measure weight and mass. Ton measures things that very heavy. There are 2,000 pounds in a short ton. Long ton is 2,240
Although there are a number of tons which are no longer in use, there are three commonly used "tons": The short ton: 2000 lb. (most common value in the US) The long ton:
200,000 for a short ton, or 400,000 for a long ton. 200 ton (metric) = 440924.524369756 pound.
There are 2000 pounds in one ton. Therefore, 250000 pounds is equal to 250000 / 2000 = 125 tons.
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One ton is equal to 2,000 pounds.
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There are 2,000 pounds in one ton. Tons and pounds are both units of measurement that describe mass. The abbreviation for ton is "T," while the abbreviation ...
One ton is equal to 2,000 pounds. This is something large, and something that is 2,000 pounds would be a small car, or even a small elephant. There are also cows ...
Hay bales usually weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. The number of bales in a ton therefore can range from 50 to 33. A good number to use for an average would be ...
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