How many pounds of BBQ meat does it take to feed 20 people?


Typically, if you plan on a half pound of meat for each person, you can safely predict how many pounds of BBQ meat you will need for twenty people. This takes in to account that some people will eat more and others less. This may give you some leftovers, but will not leave you short in your calculations.
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Figure about 1/4 lb per person for lunch and more (about 1/3) for dinner or if there isn't a lot else to eat.
You'll need to figure about 1/2 pound per person because you'll also be serving side dishes, etc. Pork shrinks when cooked so I'd purchase about 16 pounds of raw pork! Have fun! .
A serving size of meat is 2-3 ounces, therefore 1 pound of bbq pork will
I agree. A quarter pound of meat per person is a correct estimate, knowing that you have other side dishes.
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Generally you should allow for between 0.5 and 1 pound per person. If you know how much the particular people generally eat you may be able to judge easier. if ...
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