How many pounds of clams are in a bushel?


The number of pounds of clams in a bushel can vary depending on the type of clam. A bushel of steamer clams will weigh approx. 300 pounds, while a bushel of quahog clams will weigh only 75 pounds. Still other clams will weigh even less, 35-50 pounds, per bushel.
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Chowder clams yield about 100 per bushel, Cherrystone clams are about 150 to a bushel. Top Neck clams, approximately 200 per bushel and Little Neck, the smallest clams, pack about steamer clam
A US bushel of clams weighs around 60 lbs. For the average clam of about 6-10oz.
A bushel is 60 pounds. Depending on the size of the clams there could be up to 400 clams in it. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 03:14PM EST. Source:
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Soft shell clams are referred to as steamer clams, Ipswich clams, belly clams or longneck clams. A bushel of steamer clams contains 48 pounds, more or less. A ...
Marine fisheries consider 400 clams to equal a bushel. This number is the same no matter what size the clam is. In 2012, the average cost of a bushel of clams ...
There are 400 little neck clams in a bushel. Out of all the commercially sold hard clams, little neck clams are the smallest. ...
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