How Many Pounds of Green Beans Are in a Bushel?


Green beans are known by a variety of names. The British call them French beans, while Americans know them as green beans, string beans, snap beans or squeaky beans. There are 24 pounds of green beans in a bushel.
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If beans are all in nice shape and you don't have to shell them, you can usually get around 24 quarts pack tightly.from a full bushel.
It depends on the type of bean. There are 60lbs in a bushel of soybeans, 30
A bushel is equal to 32 pounds. Also equal to 14515 grams, 512 oz (ounces), or 2.286 stone!
400 beans/lb = 400 beans/454 g. = 1.14 g/bean. Work: 400 beans/1 pound. = 1 bean/x pounds. 400x = 1. x = 1/400. x = .0025. 1 bean = .0025 pounds. 2.2 pounds/1 kg. =0025 pounds/x kg.
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