How Many Pounds of Green Beans Are in a Bushel?


Green beans are known by a variety of names. The British call them French beans, while Americans know them as green beans, string beans, snap beans or squeaky beans. There are 24 pounds of green beans in a bushel.
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28 pounds of green beans is in a bushel excluding the container they are in!
1 U.S. bushel = 35.23907017 litres = 8 corn/dry gallons = 9.309177489 wine/liquid gallons 1 Imperial bushel = 36.36872 litres = 8 Imperial gallons Bushels are used for dry weight,
According to the Ball Blue Book, The Guide to Home
A bushel of beans will be around 30 pounds. However, it depends on the kind of bean. A bushel of pole beans is 28 pounds.
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