How Many Pounds of Macaroni Pasta Does It Take to Feed 40 People?


Deciding how many pounds of pasta it will take to feed 40 people will vary since there is no way to know how much each person will eat. A rule of thumb for pasta is one pound will serve 4 as a main course.
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A good amount of pasta salad for 40 people would be 5 pounds total. just had a party for 40 people and that's what we had, and there was just a bit left over.
How many other dishes are you serving? If you have finger foods, chips and dip, 2 or 3 proteins, 2 or 3 other side dishes and desert you will only need about 5 pounds of pasta. NOT
Probably around 50, about 1lb per 5 people. ChaCha!
Hi Sandy, If this is a main course salad, you'll need about 35 lbs of dried pasta for 100 people. If you are serving it as a side dish, or as part of a buffet, 20 lbs of dried spirals
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Roughly forty pounds of dried beans or black eyed peas would feed 100 people if you are serving 5 oz. servings. You may not use all 40 pounds, as not all of the ...
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